My mother named me after jacqueline kennedy,

a woman of strength, charisma, and dedication.


A little more About Me

My life has been a series of relocating, thereupon constantly indulging myself in different cultures and encountering various narratives. Here is a quick summary:

  1. Born in Seoul, South Korea.

  2. Moved to Sunnyvale, California at the age of 5.

  3. Moved to Busan, South Korea at age 11. Started boarding school.

  4. Moved to Cheonan, South Korea at age 15. New boarding school.

  5. Now, I'm in Durham, North Carolina for college.

My background has served as an advantage when communicating with people of diverse backgrounds because I was able to understand and relate to stories specific to each person. It has also been a drive for my fascination with clashes and intersections between narratives among different cultures.

My creative approach—no matter the medium— is two things: one, to break silence  and two, present a nonconventional perspective and change the shape of lens the non-informed public sees the world through.


Me in middle school!

My love for filmmaking and storytelling goes way back.

This picture was taken in the Busan International Film Festival Center when it was first built.


And I love having fun.

My philosophy is "If I'm going to have to do something, why not enjoy doing it?"

So if I work with you, I could guarantee a positive and passionate attitude no matter the size, scope, subject of our project.

For reference, pictured on the left is me performing a stunt in the middle of a garden with a fellow swing dancer.