Full Newscast

Blues News: Duke University's Monthly News

Blues News is a monthly newscast that provides a recap of key events that took place in the preceding month. The show aims to visually inform viewers of campus occurrences and increase their understanding of particular events through in-depth coverage; going beyond simple rundowns of events, the show includes interviews, data visualization, etc. The show will also serve as an archive of important past campus affairs that future Duke community members could reference.

Full Newscast

Full Show Example: October Show (video above)

The full newscast covers key events of the preceding month/two months. We publish monthly or bimonthly depending on the situation (crew members’ availability, number of days at school in particular month, etc.).

November 2018 was not covered due to the absence of crew members. After gathering a new team, we have returned with the January 2019 show! February show is coming soon.

News Packages

Package Example: Is Trinity the New GADU? (video above)

News Packages are published separately, tailored for audience members that are only interested in viewing longer form stories within the show.

Blues News includes a variety of news packages. Some are based on investigative reporting on a particular event of that month, while others are part of Blues News series. Series include What’s New, Blue? that covers something new on campus and Don’t be Blue, Blue! which covers matters relating to health & wellness.