Homecoming 2018 (Draft)

Homecoming (2018)

“What would have been if we never left?”


Homecoming (2018)

Jackie and Jennifer are cousins - but in reality, more like sisters and best friends. They grew up together in San Jose, California and shared a happy childhood in the warm California sun. However, their worlds changed drastically when both their families decided to move back to their birth country, South Korea.

The two girls thus spent their adolescence in South Korea and had to suddenly adapt to a new environment, so culturally different from their first Californian home that they inevitably struggled. Although they eventually cultivated a new home in Korea, neither was able to let go of the person they had grew to become during their childhoods. In college, they found themselves back in the States - but this time, both on the East Coast, with Jackie in North Carolina and Jennifer in New York. They realized that the experience of their second migration to America as college students did not parallel that of their first as children. They couldn’t help but wonder, “what is it that we really missed, living in California or just being a child?”

To answer this question, they decided to go back to their childhood home during their Thanksgiving break in 2017. This film captures that very experience. And spoiler alert - it seemed to have been both. Regardless though, they confirmed that their childhood in California was, indeed, the happiest times of their lives.